In honor of Matilda, Neyal sent me a link about a monkey rescued from a thrift store, just like Matilda! well except the whole sadistic monkey thing like Copernicus. I read the post while at the library and had to leave because I was crying from laughing and fear of peeing my pants at the library.

And I know, there’s been a lack of Matilda lately (which you may be happy about since some think she is creepy) Although South Florida is a mecca for retirees, she doesn’t like the humid, hot climate here. While I’m in the pool each day, she just sits yearning for a dirty martini.

Maybe her shenaningans will ensue again, who knows.


Not a lot going on here though, I housesat for one friend this weekend. It was great-I got to enjoy HBO, wireless and be by myself again. After living alone for so many years, I’m used to silence and doing my own thing. I can handle other people but sometimes a girl needs her own space you know? I’m housesitting/dogsitting today for another friend while she is away for the day. She is coming back tonight but I get to hang with her cute pups who I am wining over with string cheese.

And she even gave me a nice gift for doing this.

She really didn’t have to but I will never turn down a bottle of wine.

Also, it’s been avocado madness lately!

The avocados my friend gave me are finally good to go so I’m starting to use those bad boys up. I made a salad yesterday topped with Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken. It was on sale for $6.99 at Winn Dixie and I had a $1 off coupon so this was the perfect time to buy plus I haven’t had any since I used to make pasta salad.

Then at night I made a Mexican casserole with pork, black beans, onions, peppers, black olives, mushrooms, cheese and enchilada sauce. I was so excited to find El Pato since I haven’t been able to locate it at the grocery stores down here. I found this huge can of it at Big Lots so I used some in this recipe then froze the rest for future use.

I didn’t have enough tortillas to crisscross for the top layer but I made due. I then topped the vegetable, black bean and pork mixture with enchilada sauce and cheese and let bake for 25 minutes at 375 degrees

Avocado was the perfect topping for this! I mean really, how can someone not love avocados? The flavor, the richness, the fat—oh yeah!

There were still avocados to be consumed so today I made a guacamole knock off. I didn’t have my recipe with me so I just mixed the avocado with salsa and sour cream.

I’ve seen this chips before but I must go to Target and find them stat! Maybe all this Mexican food will boost my memory?

I finally finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest today.

I felty like I’ve been reading it for awhile but it’s only been a week and a half, if that. If you haven’t read this serious, please go out and get the three books! This was the best series I’ve read in a long time and I can say each book was a true page turner.

I went to the library today to pick up some Italian cds I’ve been waiting on—holy crap-in just about a month I will be going to Italy! I need to learn the basics stat! I found this gem while perusing the titles in the new arrivals aisle:

Yet another reason why I love the library here. In Charlotte, it would have taken me months to get this book but here I can get it right away but only for two weeks. Perfect motivation for me to read it quickle! We’ll see how this book is. I wasn’t overly impressed with her last book but who knows, this is a different take so it may be worth reading.

I’m trying to limit my workouts at the YMCA since I can only go a limited number of times each year, instead of month but had a great workout yesterday

I’ve also been swimming which is going quite well. I’ve been doing anywhere from 50 to 60 laps on my swimming days along with some breaks to tread water for two to three minutes. I’ve also been doing lunges in the water and that has been kicking my butt. The best part is that I feel no pain in my knees which is a welcome relief since I always have pain in my knees after a workout.

And of course, hanging out with my pups

Linky is way dirty. I need to get him in the tub and give him a bath, especially since one of my parents dropped ketchup on his nose but they won’t tell me who did it.

Sigh, I love my dirty dog.

So yeah, that’s about it. Not a lot to write home about but just waiting for the days to pass until it’s time to fly off to Europe. One of my friends is a recruiter here so I’m hoping she can help find me some part time work……if not, maybe I will try some more housesitting?

Read any good books lately? Please share with the class!

Do you ever housesit for friends/family? I love how it seems like a mini vacation, even if I am just down the block!


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  1. I’m reading the new Chelsea book, too! My friend got it for me for my bday! Woot woot!

    Super jealous of your abundance of avocados… I realized the other day it’s been ages since I’ve bought one. Mostly because the majority of my grocery shopping as of late has been at TJ’s, and I hate buying them there because they’re hard as rocks when I would like to eat them at that exact second.

    • I loved buying them at TJ’s because they had decent prices but you’re right, it took forever for them to be ready to eat. I need to start using the brown paper bag trick and see if it actually works.

  2. tif! did you get a new dog??!!??
    that lil guy next to lincoln is so flipping adorable….
    housesitting sounds quite nice, acutally….and i, too, am all for some yummilicious vino! enjoy! xo

  3. Copernicus is so creepy! Anyway. I loved the girl with the dragon tattoo series. I’m trying to think of recent reads but am coming up blank. I have A Thousand Splendid Suns on my to-read list, as well as the sookie stackhouse series. And apparently Game of Thrones is awesome!

    • I was skeptical about Game of Thrones, but DO IT — SOO, SOO good! It takes 50 pages to understand wtf is going on (I haven’t seen the show yet) but I sped through the other 750 pages like a fiend! I definitely liked it better the Sookie Stackhouse books, which I unfortunately read two of before seeing True Blood, and I think that’s why I can’t really get into the show, despite a few tries! :(

  4. I ALSO had to leave the room after reading about Copernicus… yesterday, at work. Holy amusing. I almost died.

    I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on an epic 13-hour journey home from Texas last summer, but never got around to reading the other books because I felt like it took SO long to read. I should probs give the others a shot, as I will not be marathon-reading them while wedged next to a fat man and fighting for armrest space. I hope. As for current reading material, I’m 50 pages from the end of Game of Thrones — I wanted to read the book before Season 1 makes its way to Netflix, since I’ve heard good things about the shoe and the book is always better. Fantasy normally isn’t my thang, but between GoT and Outlander, I’m starting to question my inner nerd.

  5. I’m eating an avocado sandwich as I’m readng this, so woot-woot for the green goodness! As for housesitting, I do like it, but it kind of feels creepy at times. I keep expecting something bad to happen, possibly because a goldfish died on my watch once and I had to keep it in the freezer until the people came home (natural causes, by the way.)

    I’m rereading Pam Houston’s “Waltzing the Cat.” It’s just as good the second time, two years later.

    • Right on-thanks for the suggestion. I feel you on waiting for something bad to happen. I kept making sure the doggies were inside and feared they would escape or get hold of some grapes I was eating.

  6. I’m reading the Girl That Kicked The Hornets Nest right NOW. :) I love this series! I tried getting my mom to read them but she said they were too “involved” Hah! I got my dad the collector’s box set for Christmas last year because he loves them!

  7. Love the book series! I’m on #2 right now. I want to talk about it with someone so much! And I’m all over that avocado. Seriously. Its one of my major food groups. Have you tried the 100 calorie packs of the Wholly Guacamole? Yum-my.

  8. Matilda looks like she’s seriously craving a martini. ha! Better get her a night cap.

    I need to buy some avocados after reading this post. My favoritee.

    I need more books to read. I read a lot of heavy stuff and I’m in the mood for light-hearted and fun!

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